High Performance

Mechanical Blue Clicky Switches

Alpha Elite’s included blue mechanical switches

are designed to give you clear and responsive feedback with every keystroke.

When you’re shopping for keyboards, it all comes back to finding the right keyboard that feels right in your hands while you play.

There are two main kinds of keyboards you can get:

Mechanical vs. Membrane

You’ve probably used a standard membrane keyboard throughout most of your life. They’re the easiest to make and that’s why they’re used for most office setups and found on public library computers.

Membrane keyboards:

  • Feel soft when you press down on them
  • They’re quiet
  • Requires less parts to use

But a keyboard with mechanical switches is a complete game-changer.

Pro gamers go with mechanical switches when they compete because they’re designed to give:

  • Faster response time with every click
  • Less fatigue on your wrist and fingers
  • Long-lasting keycap durability

Once you use a keyboard with mechanical switches for the first time, it’s tough to go back to using anything else.

Alpha Elite’s classic blue mechanical switches are designed to give you a clear clicky noise with every keystroke.

That means every click with every action you make on the battlefield will feel in sync.

It’s perfect for fast-paced games like League of Legends, where you’ll need something that can keep up with all the rapid key presses you make when hunting your enemy down.

You want to make sure you have every edge you can get against your rivals right?

Go pro and go with Alpha Elite’s blue mechanical switches so that you make sure every click counts.


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