Welcome To Apakula Gaming

Gaming Gear Built by Gamers for Gamers.


Based just minutes away from the beach in El Segundo, California, one of America’s top tech hubs, here at Apakula Gaming our motto is simple.


We get it.

There are too many gaming companies out there that overthink things. Their peripherals might look fancy, but too many times gamers have to deal with faulty software and hardware.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Our team took the best of what modern gaming technology has to offer and simplified it for you so that you could spend less time trying to figure out how your gear works, and more time logging in hours online with your friends, crushing your rivals, and getting lost exploring your favorite open world maps.

But it goes much deeper than that.

Think back to a moment when you overcame all the odds in a game.

You know what we’re talking about. Maybe you were stuck on a boss battle, or you couldn’t beat one of your friends, losing over and over again. You thought you were down and out, defeated, and ready to give up.

It seemed like failure was your only option. But somehow you found a way to win. It’s a glorious feeling to fight like crazy and come out clean on the other side.

We want to help you recapture this same addictive feeling again and again.

So the next time you sit down to play your favorite PC game, remember, we’ve got the gear for you to rise up and be the hero of your game.


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